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Couple Divorcing

Will Divorce Force Your Friends and Family to Take Sides?

It's a fight - to prove who's right, who's better; someone plays the victim, the other the aggressor. Seemingly meaningless words, comments, ideas, and actions have now become suspect, wrongly interpreted, and smack of ulterior meanings and motives. The tension can be cut with the proverbial knife. Friends and family are accused of taking sides. Trust is gone. Everyone is uncomfortable. Could this have been avoided?

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  • Divorce with children
  • Divorce without children
  • Summary Dissolution
  • Legal Separation with children
  • Legal Separation without children
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders or QDROs
  • Settlement Agreements or MSAs
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Assets and Debts
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Victoria D'Cotledge

My Story, My Mission

I chose to become a family law and divorce mediator after going through my own divorce in 2009. If I could re-do my divorce, I would have hired a neutral/mediator family law professional who could help my ex and me see and choose decisions in the now that would also make a positive difference in the future. Someone who cared about my family’s outcome after the divorce. Someone who facilitated open communication between me and my ex. Someone who really listened to our ideas about how to go about sharing custody of our kids. Someone who made sure my ex and I had a plan to continue getting along for the benefit of our kids after the divorce was finalized. I offer my clients these things and more including compassion, caring, a creative approach, my experience in family law and personally, and how to have peaceful interactions with each other to benefit you now and in the future. I’d love to help you have a successful divorce mediation.


Beth Powers
Beth P.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

I just had the simplest, least painful divorce ever with Victoria, and I never even met her. I had a pre-nuptial agreement and we had a simple plan with no kids and no property, but I couldn't seem to figure out how to do the divorce process on my own. I found her here on Yelp, and found the reviews to be helpful and correct. She talked with me about my situation the first night I called, for free and in detail. She gave me a good price, and handled everything easily and smoothly via emails and texting, and phone calls when needed. She responded usually almost instantly, like when a typo was found, and fixed it quickly. There were a couple of typos but normal human error stuff, nothing they held things up. She was realistic with me in how long the process would take, and I appreciated her being direct and to the point. Her price was fair; about average from what I was finding. She even rounded down for me, which I appreciated. Compared to another lawyer who wouldn't even meet talk with me without a hefty consult fee, Victoria was downright reasonable! My divorce paperwork just came in the mail; all is done and final;  and within 8 or 9 months from when I first contacted her. Almost exactly the time frame what she quoted me. I really appreciate the professionalism and ease in which this difficult process was handled.

Marisa F
Marisa F.
Los Angeles, CA
Couldn't have asked for an easier mediation.  Full disclosure- my ex and I are on very good terms and had an idea of how we were going to handle child custody and finances but the crazy thing for us was getting through the court system in LA. I found Victoria on Yelp and she was exactly what we needed.  She banged out our paperwork without having to meet with us.  We did everything over the phone and through email. There are incredible amounts of paperwork (which my ex had weeded through initially)  and she was able to get them filled out and into court system within a few weeks.  I believe its only been about 4 months since we first talked to Victoria and our divorce was finalized this week!!
Jennifer S
Jennifer S.
Burbank, CA
Victoria D'Cotledge has been nothing but a joy to work with.  I was frustrated navigating the legal system without a lawyer trying to get through finalizing my divorce which had been filed nearly 2 years earlier.  Going lawyer free in the state of California means you need to spend many hours at the court house doing judgement workshops, financial workshops, etc.  It was time I would need to spend away from work, wages lost, time lost, etc.  I googled low cost divorce and clicked on a link for CA divorce center.  I filled out the online form and within minutes received a personal email from Victoria.  She was prompt, super responsive, very easy to work with and explained the process carefully so that I understood it.  There was a flat fee which was incredibly reasonable.  One time fee, no hidden fees.  Just one payment.  She made an incredibly arduous process streamlined and simplified.  As soon as she had all the information from both parties in our case, she didn't waste any time submitting the papers to the courts.  Due to a backup of cases, it took about 3 weeks from the time she submitted our final papers to have the judgment entered and our divorce final.  Victoria is a miracle worker.  I know she does mediation as well too.